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André Dubois

Swiss-born artist André Dubois paints animals and landscapes using watercolours and acrylics. Andre works from his home-based studio in Kingston. His works are inspired by the wildlife and landscapes of the Rideau Lakes and Thousand Islands regions.

Although he has always appreciated and collected works of art, André did not take up painting until he retired from the Canadian Public Service. He is largely self-taught and finds painting very enjoyable and wonderfully relaxing. What started as a retirement hobby has grown into a daily passion.

Andre continues to study fine art with various painting methods. One of his goals is to experiment with trompe-l’oeil techniques in his works. Trompe-l’oeil (visual deception) features recognizable imagery in an unusual perspective. Andre also enjoys adding whimsy to his paintings as his personal way of offering new twists on traditional art. His works combine good observation with the freedom of imagination thus creating engaging works.