Susan Balog
Ben Bennett
Belia Brandow
Jackie Coldrey
Chris Dickson
André Dubois
Startled 3
Caroline Evans
Ashness Bridge, U.K. 24x18” oil
Fred Fowler
Catelin's Canoe
Riley Garner
Portrait of a Dynamic Two Year Old
David Gilmore
Trotting at Lemoine Pt
Jen Gregory
Sarah Hale
Bon Echo Autumn
Maureen Hove
Rosalyn Insley
Canada Geese
Claire Jacobs
Shirley Mancino
Waves of Rapture
Margaret Martin
Donna McPhail
Aileen Merriam
Nemegosenda Cedars
Maureen O'Brien
Sunset Drive
Pat Purdy
White Pine
Sherry Rogers
Linda Rush
Barb Sohn
20-45 Black Creek Spring Breakup
Valerie Spence Hounsell
Gatineau's in the Fall
Ted Stewart
Screech Owl #9 -
Linda Svarckopf
Mark Tushingham
Dayle Vanalstine
Ron Veh
Susan Walters
Eternally Yours
Sarah Young-Fowler
Sand Piper
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