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Caroline Evans

Wherever she has lived, Caroline Evans has been painting pictures of this beautiful planet we call home. From rugged windswept coastlines, to quiet forest clearings and chuckling streams, from mist-bound peaks to sunlit Mediterranean hillsides, the natural world and the creatures that inhabit it have been a constant source of inspiration and delight. She takes commissions of homes and pets from time to time, and has exhibited her (mostly) oil paintings both locally and abroad. She has , occasionally, taken on students, both one-on- one and in small groups. Her most popular workshop has been “ The Good, the Bad and the Stinky”, an exploration of the newer mediums and solvents available to oil painters. 

Caroline has been exploring Batik in recent years. This exacting and largely communal activity has allowed her to experiment with colour and shape in a playful style, and sometimes she likes the result! You can find Caroline’s art work in local galleries and RLAA venues.

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