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Chris Dickson

Growing up in a family that loved the outdoors, animals and the water, I have continued those passions in my adult life. I focus a lot of my art on the unlimited amount of beauty found in nature and what surrounds me and I paint whatever makes me happy. 

Pursuing Photography in college and then owning a professional photography studio in Belleville, ON for many years taught me to
focus on composition, light and colour. I have captured many beautiful photographs in my travels that are now my muse for
painting.  I would also welcome your commission work. It is an opportunity to challenge myself and provide something very personal for the recipient. I would love to hear from you.

​I am a mostly self-taught artist who paints mainly in acrylic but also love mixed media oils. I love the challenge of learning a new
technique or style, using a different colour pallet or subject.  I also love that I will never run out of those things.

My website has some of both my original paintings and my photography.  Enjoy browsing.

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