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Elaine Farragher

Elaine paints in the naturalistic style which goes hand in hand with her love of nature and her lifetime involvement in the Toronto and Kingston Field Naturalists. Although her most frequent themes are the landscapes of South Frontenac, especially those close to the Verona area where she lives on Hambly Lake, she also paints portraits of wildlife, pets and people. Recently she has also been drawn to paint the streetscapes of villages in South Frontenac following her interest in local heritage.

She has painted all her life but has increased her output with retirement. Most of her career was spent in Toronto in desktop publishing and graphic design. Moving from Toronto to Kingston on retirement and then to the Verona area was enormously inspirational as she was finally surrounded by the lakes, creeks and woodlands which she has always loved and no longer has to battle Toronto traffic to reach.

Elaine likes to explore the interplay of light and shadow through trees, along pathways and reflected on water, ice and snow, using bright colours and experimenting as well with the textures of bark and rock. Woodland ground cover, especially mushrooms, ferns and spring flowering plants are especially of interest. Snorkeling has awakened an appreciation of the underwater world which she is starting to explore. She takes many pictures while walking and kayaking and uses these while painting at home from her laptop.

Although she began painting in oils she now paints in acrylic.