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Phone  613-507-6211


Ina Black, Artist - Multi-Mediums


Having a life-long interest in art, Ina began painting on a regular basis in 2003 using mainly watercolour and arcrylic. She is also using new techniques and mediums, line and watercolour wash, and painting with oils. 


She has had many talented instructors over the years to thank for their help and encouragement in her journey as a Realism artist. 


To preserve the memories and history of the past, Ina enjoys photographing and painting old structures, with their amazing architecture, that she has found on her journeys across the changing Canadian landscape from the Rocky Mountains to the Maritime Provinces.


Ina is a long-time member of the Rideau Lakes Artists' Association (RLAA). She is also a member of Bath Artisans (BA) and Greater Napanee Area Arts Association (GNAAA).


Her works can be found in Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, and Australia.  

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