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Linda Rush

I live in Ompah, north of Sharbot Lake, on an old “hippy commune”.  This is still a cooperatively owned piece of land which has been occupied by a number of families for many years. I am surrounded by natural beauty there, and that beauty is the subject of most of my paintings.  I’ve been painting most of my life and have explored working in most mediums. I now work principally in watercolour, acrylic and mixed media. 


What excites me visually is to try and weave the incredible colours, textures and patterns that I see all around me into a rich two dimensional statement. What inspires me are the mystical moments one experiences when encountering the homely, familiar things around us.  Suddenly one is overwhelmed by the complexity, richness and mysterious meaning to be found in the ordinary.


Phone: 613-479-2570


Private email:

Address:1138 Lothlorien Rd, Ompah, Ont, K0H 2J0

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