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Phone: 613-375-3122



Instagram: @mcleanart4351

Bonnie McLean

My figures are fluid, evoking a sense of grace and movement. My human forms are represented in an abstract environment, the lines blurring between the two. In this way the audience becomes personally involved in completing the picture. Making each painting unique to each viewer.


Art has always been my nemesis. I satisfied my passion by enrolling in evening and weekend workshops. My formal education includes a Bachelors of Arts Degree, majoring in Art History; a Masters Degree in Art Conservation from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario; and a Commercial Art Diploma from George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario. I am always looking for inspiration and experimenting with new materials and techniques. My pathway to learning is not yet over.


All paintings are done in acrylic, unless otherwise indicated, on 100 % cotton canvas and range from one square foot to much larger formats.

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