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Phone : 613-267-5741


Facebook: Maureen O’Brien

Instagram: maureen.obrien

Maureen O’Brien

From early childhood I have painted with passion. My paintings expressed my creative tension, first with brush, then pallet knife, and back to brush once again. It is the process of applying oil paint to surface, that gives me the experience of watching the forms, created by colour, contrast, and texture, take shape.


Although I trained as a photo-realistic painter, I enjoy a variety of styles. Some of my paintings are focused on the spectacular scenes that I photograph from my dock on Otty Lake. The ever- changing view of water, sky, wind and light keeps me busy. When I venture into a non-structured mode I find myself in the zone where I not conscious of the process of painting. I call these paintings my “Colourings”. The resulting work is often interpreted by viewers as stories. Whatever style that I am working on, it is the process of painting that is my adventure into the unknown, where I am closer to my creator and thus to me.

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